Connecting the Arctic.

Renewable energy. Broadband Internet. The future of Nunavut.


Who is Nukik?

Nukik is an Inuit-owned corporation overseeing the development and operation of large infrastructure projects in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.


What is the Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link?

As Nunavut’s first major infrastructure link to southern Canada, the project will deliver reliable, renewable and affordable electricity and broadband Internet to remote Arctic communities.


What are the benefits?

Nation-building, green infrastructure project connecting the Arctic to the rest of Canada for the very first time

Clean, reliable, renewable baseload power. This project alone will meet all of Nunavut’s 2030 GHG emissions reduction target

Ground-breaking climate action for a reduced reliance on diesel generation

Fast, broadband Internet backbone, enabling socio-economic opportunities and services in the region

Cost-effective with a 60-year lifespan

“Walking the talk” on reconciliation, equity and Inuit self-determination


“A lot of the work that we are trying to achieve at the national level is in relation to equity, to ensure that there are new national building projects that will allow for Canadian Inuit to have the foundation for economic success and therefore societal success, I think of the Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link as one of those great examples.”

“The KHFL addresses several major issues faced by Nunavummiut, specifically the high cost of diesel fuel, related environmental concerns, and unreliable broadband service. NTI supports KIVIA’s goals of self-reliance and their vision of development, implemented and integrated in multiple innovative approaches. This project has significant potential to yield results with direct benefits to Nunavut communities.”

“We believe that all Nunavummiut should have the same right to a prosperous economic future as the rest of Canada. An extension of a power transmission line from Manitoba would provide the communities access to an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and affordable source of energy while making the Kivalliq region more attractive to increased economic development and private investment.”

“Manitoba Hydro produces clean, renewable hydroelectric power and establishing a new export market in Nunavut for Manitoba electricity needs further attention.”

“QEC wishes to express our support for the Kivalliq Inuit Association’s efforts to establish the viability of a hydro transmission line from Manitoba to Nunavut.”

“Fox Lake Cree Nation continues to stand with the KIA as we work together to advance our shared priorities and common interests. We look forward to welcoming you again to our community in the future.”

“… the Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link is always top-of-mind as a key northern infrastructure priority. […] The Government is well-positioned to deliver on its ambitious climate agenda and to build on the momentum that the Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link project has made to date. I would like to congratulate the Kivalliq Inuit Association and Nukik Corporation on the progress that has been made on the Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link project this year. I was pleased to learn that key partnerships to further advance the project are being established, and that an agreement has been reached with the Canada Infrastructure Bank to support the early stages of project development.”

“The Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link is a national Infrastructure project that will bring clean renewable energy to Nunavut and fibre optic broadband internet. This project will connect Nunavut to the rest of Canada for the first time and help Canada meet its commitment to a net zero carbon future. We know that this Inuit led project will bring significant opportunities for Nunavut communities and residents across Northern Manitoba.”